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A little about me

I’ve always thought that those perpetual camera toting people looked a little ridiculous.

For me it's all about living in the moment.

How are you supposed to be living in the moment when you’re constantly posing for yet another photo? (‘and another one next to this tree!’)

Yet, I always felt that photos were important at the right time and place. All overused clichés aside, photographs capture a moment that’s gone forever. There’s nothing like looking back and reminiscing over years gone by. Nothing like documenting the growth of your family. The milestones of your children. The small and big moments you experience. Those  pictures are priceless. As a child, I’ve spent many happy hours perusing my own parents’ photo collection.


I don’t remember when I first thought about pursuing photography as a career. It definitely wasn’t something I had always pictured myself doing as an occupation! But, as i completed high school, I finally noticed that my “disinterest” in taking pictures was in reality my interest in enjoying small moments and capturing them for other people to enjoy was exactly what i wanted to do!


Following my instinct, I signed up for a short one-on-one photography course and I was instantly hooked. So I went out and purchased a solid, nice – looking camera. 

I was eager to learn more so I signed up for practically every photography class I heard about, including the comprehensive and wildly popular photography course give by Shmuel Diamond during my first year of marriage while living in Israel.

 I think I got so into the whole thing that my own family started avoiding me. (She’s coming towards us with her camera again – Quick, let’s hide!) But all jokes aside, I think all that learning and practicing really cultivated my passion and innate talent for the field.


  With my marriage and move to Jerusalem, I opened my very own photography business, and I focused on family portraits. I loved it because it was fun to meet all kinds of interesting people and capture their unique family dynamic. I stayed in this line of photography for about three years and the feedback was great. Seeing my clients’ reactions to seeing the images that I had created is what motivated me and helped me do better.

It was with my move to Toronto that I decided to specialize in Newborn Photography. It was a natural transition. I felt that continuing to do family portraits would take away from my own family life, as the hours would be the same as when my own kids were home. 

I’ve also always had a soft spot for newborns and there’s nothing like seeing your little bundle of joy angelically sleeping and gently swaddled in soft outfits and blankets, dressed up with lace and fur and hats and props.


 I aim to provide my clients with a calm and pleasant experience, where they know their baby is in good hands and that safety will never be compromised. As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to get out of the house after birth so I try to make the whole experience as smooth and as pleasant as possible.

 My hope is that years after I photograph, mothers and fathers will look at their photos and be reminded of the innocence of their newborn, those first cuddles, and the tender undefinable emotions they felt during those first few days.

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